5 Key Questions You Need To Answer When you’re 50 or Older

And everything else this week. New law gives seniors in care more say in their daily lives (via CBC) First up, great news for advocacy. Residents in seniors home are now able to form councils to discuss discuss day-to day things such as activities and food. However, it’s still not enough in regards to advocacy.… Continue reading 5 Key Questions You Need To Answer When you’re 50 or Older

All The Information

When was the last time you sat down and had a serious conversation about any of the following subjects: Death Health Retirement Money The future Having trouble even thinking of ONE time where any of these topics were discussed at great length? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Modern humans tend to ignore the things that… Continue reading All The Information

Predator and Prey

There is nothing more comedic than talking to an MLM (multi-level marketer) about the products they’re trying to sell you. From lipstick, to skin care,  to charcoal toothpaste and hair, from handbags to nails to candles and beyond, It feels like we are never safe on our Facebook groups from someone selling stupid, unnecessary shit.… Continue reading Predator and Prey