Updates On The Adult Lab

While I continue to tinker and toy away here with this blog I thought I would post what you can expect in the upcoming months.

First of all, let me just say thank you to those who have been following and reading so far. Your support and feedback is great and it means a lot. The more we talk about this topic of retirement, the better prepared we are for the future. That being said a lot of the future is unpredictable, but the best thing to do is always have your ducks in line and here is a good place to start.

Second, this is currently an evolving project which means there will be changes to come in both content and scheduling. So starting next week there will be three new posts on a weekly basis. Monday will deal with the future. The world is changing at such a rapid rate and it’s hard to keep up, so what are the things that can help us? What projects are people doing, making, writing about to further humanity as we get older?

Wednesday will be about money which is of course everyone’s least favorite topic. But it’s probably something that we all need to know about. I’ll be taking a look at the whole spread, from building better budgets, to investing, to what happens with your money when you die.

Friday will deal about life, and the lifestyle we lead. As it’s been said before, the choices we make now will reflect who we become in the future and if you’re not making the right ones, well, it’s never too late to change.

And third, I’m hoping to get more people involved, especially those that are either in the well-being profession or those that have retired and know the ropes.

Life is always a work in progress and sometimes the path you start on doesn’t always take you to where it leads you, but whatever happens, it’s always an interesting journey.

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