How To Deal When People Don’t Get It

I’ve been talking about retirement since I was 18. Shortly after I hit the age of adulthood (age, not maturity) I marched into the bank and told them I wanted to open up my first RRSP. I was smart, I was mature and I knew about money because I had been working since I was 9. And this is where the issues started.

Because when you’re under 30 and you say you want to retire no one, I repeat NO ONE takes you seriously. Bankers, co-workers, parents, friends, no one. I may as well have been telling people I was going to fly to the moon in a homemade rocket ship the last decade because it would have had the same effect. People would have shrugged, patted me on the head and said “ok” and continued ignoring my great plan in life.

This still continues to this very day, but now instead of frustrating it’s becoming infuriating. When I taught a few years ago and tried to attend a retirement seminar they told me I couldn’t because I was too young. And I’ve had many fights (maybe fights is too strong of a word), many discussions about why I (and everyone else) needs more information. And often it falls on deaf ears.

What I’ve always been told is that I have plenty of time. Sure, I get the banks because if I fuck up, they have money they can loan me, at an interest rate. But everyone else? Nah…there is no excuse. We need to support and help each other in our goals, especially one as important as this.

Now if you’re reading this and thinking, “hey, that’s me” my advice to you is to keep going and push harder. Do not be like me and take flimsy excuses and answers. Push back and fight for YOUR future because no one else is going to.

And if you’re told no or denied information, keep looking. There is so much out there now, it’s just uncovering it and adapting it to suit what fits you best.

There is nothing crazy about planning your future, even if no one else seems to be. The future will come fast and if you’re not prepared, well that’s it. Your shot at planning is over and now you must make some very difficult choices.

Keep going.

I promise you, it’s worth it.

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One thought on “How To Deal When People Don’t Get It

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve had a similar experience working in the investment world where many people can’t wrap their minds around someone under 30 understanding retirement. Great insight!


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