The Future

The future, something we think so little about that the only future that actually comes to mind is this guy.

(On a side note, if you can tell me where Nicki got her outfit, I need some new work wear.)

But here’s the thing, the future is coming and it’s coming fast and we really need to focus on it. Yes, the past and present are important but what will matter is what’s coming and if we’re not thinking about it, as it’s been pointed out before, we’re screwed. Climate change, population growth, food, water, technology, everything is going to be affected and everything is going to change.

Take a minute and think about what do things look for you ten years, twenty, thirty, fifty years from now. Will we have flying cars? Will we be living until 120? Will you be healthy? Or will we even have a planet still?

The more we think about the future, the more likely we are to change our habits and the more we look outside, the more amazing our world is going to be.

Next week I’ll be starting a new column about what’s beyond our walls in this city, and what we can hope for about what is to come.

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