Speech And The Bandwagon

Alright. When you’re trying to write and you skip a week because you’re too busy writing (other stuff) everything falls behind. So here I am a week later, a week older and now getting back on the bandwagon.

It’s speech competition time which means picking up a topic, writing frantically about it and practicing it over and over two days before. Last competition the formula worked and I placed second, first and than second (by one-ish points)  so we’ll see what happens when the first round starts tomorrow. I’m guessing though that my luck may have run out and that you know, you actually need to practice and practice and refine your speech and not forget half of it half way through.

I honestly never realized how hard it was to do this, but Toastmasters is a fantastic challenge. It’s not just getting up in front of an audience, but also writing the speeches. I have around 25-30 more to go to get my Distinguished Toastmasters so we’ll see how long that will take. The first 10 took 5 years?

Onto other stuff there have been some great things happening the last few days and you can check the out below. I’ll be back in a few weeks to writing for good, but for now bear with me.

Want to be a better leader? Check out these books via @FastCompany 

Take a look at the ads that @Wealthsimple. I’ve been investigating them and they do goo stuff.

And the best startups of 2017? Check them out here via @Inc.

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