Speechless And The Future

And then it was October and I won my first speech competition in both categories, and then first and second in the next one. With two more to go in the following weeks, I’ll get to see if I will keep on going or I’ll have to try competing for the worlds next year.

I never thought that speech writing (and Toastmasters) was hard work. In fact, I just had the “I’ll show up and wing it” mentality  for a good chunk of my  membership to the club.

But then I started getting better, far better than I could ever dream of, and  when I started competing, I started winning, which I always thought was completely impossible.

I think had I continued to not put any effort in (and I’m regretful that I didn’t do it earlier) then I wouldn’t see this as a challenge or anything useful. However when I look back a year ago today, I’ve come so far and have improved so much that it’s impossible to not keep going.

When I look back though it’s the same thing. Little effort until I see some great improvement and then all of a sudden I’m on it. Photography was like that especially. While I started out doing it for fun, after my bf at the time showed me I could make money while doing something I loved and I was hooked.  I still feel though I could (and thankfully still can) go much further with it though.

For many of us unless we see instant results, we don’t keep going. And it’s the same with planning for the future because that really does show no instant results especially when it comes to saving money. But it needs to be done. Full stop.

For now, a few more weeks of writing speeches, editing and practicing and practicing until it’s permanently engrained in my brain and then it will be back to normal. Until it’s time to leave again…and that’s in the works next along with a million more things. 

On a side note, if you’re reading this and you’re a Toastmaster, drop me a line to let me know what helps you with speaking/speeches.

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