Speech and Competitions

This year I remembered what it was like to actually go for something. Not only that but have competition to try and beat. It was a great eye opener and had made me remember what it was like to try again.

Let’s refresh that. It’s not like I haven’t tried in life, I have, always. But to actually go for something, complete and win it  in the end was something I needed a little memory jaunt for. While photography has been great, it’s a little different in competition. Sometimes you’re winning as you have some of the only photos out there in the world, and other times 9 million people have the same few pics.

It was the push that I needed though to move forward.  Although I’m sure people roll their eyes at this, but winning Toastmasters competition was really great for me. Not only did I get to be on stage making people laugh (or huh depending on who the audience was) but I also got to prove to myself that I was able to do this. And the competition was fierce. If you think people who write and practice speeches for fun are nerds, think again because what I saw was quite amazing. Even more amazing, many of my competitors were women.

I wrote, performed and moved forward 6 times and although I chose not to go to the finals in Saskatchewan (whyyyyyy did they have to do that?) it was a great experience and I got better than last time I had competed in February through April.

Now it’s time to take a break until February when the competition to get to worlds begins. This year I was knocked out by a few points in April, but I beat the person that knocked me out later in this year so we will see…

Other than that though, things are now going back to normal and the goal is to focus on this company in China and even more importantly, retirement and I have some great ideas that I’ll be doing.

So here’s to speech competitions and all the  love and support I’ve had over the last 2 months. It was inspiring, thrilling and a whole lotta fun.


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