The First/Worst Few Hours in Costa Rica

Costa Rica left a bad taste in my mouth from the moment I walked into the country. Sure it was nice and warm and had palm trees but…the lady at customs was kinda awful.

“You can’t enter” she said  handing me back my passport and I just stood there dumbfounded and very tired as I had spent the night at the airport without any sleep.

Of course at this point because of my lack of sleep, my brain was failing me in the Spanish department and I tried to find the words I needed to say.

“Yo tengo un boleto para DFA Y Canada (I have a ticket back to Mexico City and Canada)” I mumbled  but she wouldn’t budge. I then politely asked her if I could speak to someone in English to explain my situation and she barked “No, Spanish only”, even though she herself probably spoke English working in customs.

If she thought I was going to stay in Costa Rica the rest of my life she was sadly mistaken. Quite frankly I just wanted to turn around and head straight back to Mexico because never in my life had I been talked to so rudely at customs.

And I tried to hold it together but I was not happy.

So with a few tears and a whole lot more of her misery I was able to get in.

I’m going to guess she enjoyed making people upset on the first days of their holidays. I love those kind of people.

After that my luck didn’t get any better.

Spending so much time in Mexico has really spoiled me for kind helpful people, but Costa Rica felt very different and very few people paid any consideration as I tried to find my way to the bus stop to get into the city.

I did, but after the bus I still needed to cab which is where I ran into the next lovely person.

Of course you know where I’m going with this…and I should have said something when the taxi driver decided to overcharge me 4X the price (somehow he managed to run the meter up to crazy amounts) but I was worried to do anything as he now knew where I was staying.

I paid.

And of course I totally got lost, my bank card didn’t work and again people weren’t as helpful as I was used to  but I survived.

Thankfully where I was staying was clean, quiet and the staff were great so that was one less stress, but the first few hours left a bad taste in my mouth and without the risk of trying to sound negative, was something I did not expect at all.

But like it’s always said, the most frustrating moments make the best stories and lessons learned.





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