Aging Better-May 6 Edition

This week in “aging better” -an assortment of links that we love-we’re talking about some great articles we read and couldn’t stop talking about, from robots to keep us company, helping married men in retirement, the cost of senior scams and much, much more.

1. Helping Married Men Break Free From The Retirement Brainwash (via Forbes)  Planning for retirement is so much more than just saving money and many men often come up short.

2. This Robot Will Keep Your Grandparents company when you’re too busy (via Fast Company). Robots for older adults have been very much hit or miss, will this be the one to break the mold?

3. Seniors are a huge market, but stop trying to scare them into buying (via Entrepreneur).  Because fear can only sell so many things, it’s time we start changing the way we sell to our aging population. 

4. America’s Elderly Are Losing $37  Billion A year To Fraud (via Bloomberg). Senior fraud continue to cost people billions. How can this be changed? (Editor’s note, this article brought us to tears.)

5. This Might be The Most Useful Savings Account In Canada (via The Globe and Mail). As banking continues to shift, The Globe and Mail takes a look at some great online banking to look into. (Editor’s note, EQ bank mentioned in this article is excellent.) 

6. Braille Neue-Combining The Latin Alphabet With Braille (via Braille Neue). A look at how one company is combining the latin alphabet with braille is absolutely fascinating, and much harder than one would expect. 


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