Aging Better-May 13th Edition

Spring has finally sprung. After a long, brutal winter it feels so good to get out and enjoy the warm weather. That being said, we still spent some time at our computers and here are some of the best articles that popped up this week. And for those that are celebrating Mother’s Day, have a great one, you deserve it!

He was one of millions of Chinese seniors growing old alone. So he put himself up for adoption (via The Washington Post)  As the population continues to age, many seniors are left without someone to care for them. Would an adoption plan  for seniors work? In theory it seems like a wonderful idea, but there are a million different issues and nuances that are different than adopting children. 

Conversations About Elder Needs Aren’t Happening, According to Wells Fargo Survey (via BusinesswireIt’s been said a million times and it needs to be said a million more. We need to talk more about aging. This article brings up a few great things that we need to discuss.

Vanguard: Where You Move in Retirement More a Lifestyle Than Investment Choice (via InvestopediaWhere we spend our laters years has a huge impact on our lives. In Canada we can spend around 6 months outside of the country, but with so many choices, once the cost has been figured out, lifestyle plays a huge role.

5 places to retire abroad that haven’t been overrun by Americans (via Marketwatch)  Yes…this is one thing we’re passionate about, living somewhere else, and this articlesprovides some interesting locations that not everyone may be aware of.

Come aboard the cannabus: More seniors taking trips to get weed (via CNNAs marijuana continues to be legalized in North America, seniors are becoming popular customers.





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