Mind Mate App

Since the advent of the smartphone, apps have become a daily thing in our lives. They help us keep organized, keep in touch and discover new things. There are so many of them though and so many bad ones to boot so we’ve added this column, apps to try. These are the ones we love, the ones that are helpful/useful in our daily lives and the ones that help with enrichment.
This week we’re taking a look at Mind Mate.
At first, we were a little skeptical about it, after all, there are a million apps out there for games, fitness, and music, but once we logged in, we could see this one was very different.

First of all Mind Mate lets us customize with any issues we may have. Currently you can only pick one, but hopefully, there will be multiple choices later on.


Second, to get into the app, you play a short game. After they’ll ask you how it was to help pinpoint a program for you.


Once you have completed the short few tests, Mind Mate will then drum up an exclusive health and wellness program for you. Easy!


Our favorite part though is the music. The choices of songs they have from our childhood are really quite amazing, a musical flashback.


They also have a section to add reminders and notes as well which is still a little rudimentary, but it works.


We love this app for multiple reasons, but mostly for the fact that it’s a “one-stop-shop” for all our daily needs. Hopefully in the future, they can fix a few things and add a little more, but for now, it’s pretty awesome!

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