We Have A Podcast

We have a podcast! Or rather, we have a podcast in the works. It started out last year, came to fruition late spring this year, and then we hit a roadblock. The goal was to get seniors talking, to get there voice out there and to give them another platform to have a voice. It should have been easy, and had they been millennials, we would have had people coming in droves. Or one can only assume anyways that’s how it would be. But we quickly learned, a lot of the seniors didn’t want to talk. Some said they didn’t like their voice, and others said they had nothing to say which is absolute rubbish. There was a long list of why people didn’t want to participate, so it was put on the back burner for a bit.
But here at The Adult Lab, we believe that seniors are of incredible importance. Each one has an important story to tell, and many have the keys to making the world work a little better.
So we’ll keep trying because the more we can get people talking, the better things will be in the future.
For now, though, enjoy our first two very rocky trial tests on running a podcast. While we’re still learning, we’re enjoying the lessons that we’ve acquired and hopefully, hopefully, soon you’ll be able to hear a lot more voices on the podcast.


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