Flashback to 1954

What happened that year? Well, if you were born, congrats, you were part of the baby boomer trend that saw the biggest uptick in births that North America had ever seen. If you were born before 1954 though, you might remember some of these things!
If you were buying your first house you would have paid around $10, 250.
A gallon of gas cost $0.22.
A new car cost around $1,700.
Ah yes, those were the good old days where things were actually affordable. But if we looked at what the average yearly wage was, it ran about $3, 155. 64 when you accounted for inflation. (On a side note, things were much cheaper than they are now including costs of housing and vehicles when you look at average wages vs. prices).

When it came to events, although this year was a little quieter than others in this decade, there were some major turning points in U.S. history.
In February 1954, we saw the first mass vaccination against polio take place.
The first colored television set was manufactured and was a whopping 12 inches (and cost a whopping $1000!)
Along with the introduction of the colored television set, we saw the first TV dinner as well which showed us that we can enjoy our meal while staring at the screen.
Oh, and the Supreme Court ruled that race-based segregation in schools was unconstitutional. Finally.
When it came to music, the top of the charts was Kitty Kallen with her hit “Little Things Mean A Lot.”
While 1954 wasn’t the craziest year of the twentieth century, there were some very important things that happened. What do you remember?

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