Picture This: A Wordless Cookbook

Many of us love to cook at home. It’s inexpensive, easy and fun to try new recipes. Cookbooks, however, can be complicated. Often they’re too wordy, printed in tiny font and call for difficult to find or expensive ingredients. In other words, not for us.
Enter The Look Cook Book by Tidi which aims to transcend language and cost barriers so that EVERYONE can cook at home. The goals are simple, using graphics to help people prepare with just a quick glance. Not only that though, but the recipes are also affordable at around $1.50 per serving, which if you eat three meals a day tallies up to $4.50 a day or less than $150 a month to eat.

Why we love this:
-Accessible to many
-No small print
-Both an app and a book
-Affordable Meals
-Recipes easy to make

You can fund the project on KickstarterĀ  HERE or check out the video below.


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