Billy-Billy Robot

Robots, we’ve been obsessed with them since as long as we can remember and while some have been great, many others have been a huge miss, especially when it comes to aiding seniors.
Billy-Billy, a robotic pot (yes, pot)  meant to engage with the elderly, comes off as creepy and invasive. Made by Zora Bots (who also produced Pepper and Nao) Billy-Billy is an interesting concept. At first, judging by the commercial, it looks like a joke. A leering, talking pot that you plant flowers in, reminding you to take your medication and the fact that you’re alone.
But it’s not.
According to the website, it’s a real product, here are the specs:
-Interacts with people in a “colorful” way
-Smart sensors that tell you when to water
-Integrated calendars for family members
And…that’s about it. Considering we have some pretty advanced home robots (Alexa, Google Home) this pot probably won’t be a big seller with the high price (269 Euros) and the fact that it looks like something from Alice in Wonderland.
While the idea of Billy-Billy is a creative idea, like many of the tech aimed at seniors, it still has a long way to go. Perhaps less scary and more interactive?
For now, we’ll pass on a talking plant pot, but we’re looking forward to seeing what else Zora Bots comes out with next.

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