Baby boomers.



G.I. Generation



Can you match up the name to the year these generations were born in?

Most of us probably couldn’t. After all, we generally see only 2 generations thoroughly pronounced in the new, the baby boomers and their children, the millennials.

But just for the record it goes like this.

G.I. Generation 1900-1924

Traditionalists 1925-1945

Baby Boomers 1946-1964

Thirteeners 1965-1979

Milleniels 1980-late 90’s

Centennials Late 90’s to 2010’s


If you were born into the G.I. Generation, say 1900, as of 2018, you would be 118, and one of the oldest human beings alive. Sadly though, there are not that many left of what people have dubbed “the greatest generation of all.”

The generation we tend to forget about the most are the Thirteeners, so if you were born within that span, sorry. Society still loves you, but there’s really not a lot of catering towards your needs and wants.

Currently, the largest generational group was the boomers, but as they began to die, their kids, the millennials were right behind to take that title. These are the ones society has largely catered to, the kids and now their kids, the centennials.

The generations are a thing to be mindful of and whether you feel they’re relevant or not, they all have a significant impact on our everyday society.

So what generation are you?

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