Who are these trips for?

Our trips are for people who love to explore and see new things! Although we hope to have a place for kids in the future, right now we are just taking 18+.

Why are your travel groups so small?

There are a few reasons why we try and do small groups. First of all, we hate big tours. The larger the group, the more impersonal things become. We love getting to know the people that travel with us! Second, with a smaller group, we’re able to customize tours better and provide unique activities that you might not be able to do on a larger trip.

What happens if there is only one spot left and we want to go as a couple?

We are willing to make exceptions to this so you can bring your partner!

How much do your trips cost?

Our trips run between $1500-$2500. We’ve tried to keep the cost as down as much as possible without sacrificing quality or experience.

How much is the deposit to hold a spot?

The deposit is $500 due two months before the trip departs with exceptions. Tours such as Dia De Los Muertos must have a deposit 6 months in advance.

How can I pay for my trip?

We have tried to make payment as secure as possible for you. We take money transfers, PayPal, and if you live in Edmonton, cash, or cheque.


We know life happens, so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible.
Two months or more, a full refund, including deposit.
1-2 months, we keep $100 of your deposit.
Under one month, we keep your $500 deposit.
If you would like to use the deposit though to book a different date with us, though, you can use it for that!

Do you ever cancel trips?

Yes. If there is a natural disaster in the areas we are traveling to such as an earthquake or of there is political unrest, we will cancel and give you a full refund.

Why do I need travel insurance?

Sometimes accidents happen, it’s as simple as that. Although Mexico is an affordable country for healthcare, it’s better to avoid the risk. Please note, travel insurance to come on our trips is mandatory.

Do I have to share a room with a stranger?

No. We understand that people like privacy, and unlike many other tour groups we offer single accommodations. However, if you want to share a room with a .friend, the cost will be slightly lower.

Are you able to take travellers with a disability?

While we currently are not set up to taking people in wheelchairs, with walkers, or who are visually impaired due to the fact that Mexico is not the easiest country to get around in and doesn’t have the same accommodations that Canada has. However, we hope to in the future to make a Mexico “light” tour that accommodates everyone!

Is there a photographer to take pictures of me?

Yes, we always have our cameras ready to shoot so you can have some insta-worthy photos.

Why is this trip not big on alcohol?

We have no issues with drinking, but we’re not an all-inclusive resort. This means while you’re welcome to imbibe responsibly, you’ll have to pay for your drinks.

Do you offer free trips to “influencers” for “exposure”?

Absolutely not. And please note, there is no such thing as an influencer, no matter how many social media followers you have.

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