Our world is for the adventurers, the explorers, the dreamers, the ones who are not afraid to see what else is out there.  Travel, though, doesn’t start with hopping on a plane and going somewhere. It starts with curiosity and the ability to understand that there is a bigger world out there then what is in front of you. Our goal is simple. We want to show you a world that you never knew existed and bring you closer to its culture, its people, and all of its awe-inspiring beauty.

Traveling with us is more than just travel. It is an experience that you can’t find anywhere else. These trips are founded on three simple principles that make tourism better for everyone. 

  1. Be as local as possible, and support places that are locally owned and operated. 
  2. Curated experiences that are amazing and authentic.
  3. Affordable, educational, and cultural travel that will leave you wanting to discover more.

Our world needs to be seen, to be talked about, and to be understood, and it starts with you.


Accommodation-Forget big chain hotels; We focus on staying at unique hotels that support the local community.

Food-All breakfasts, all snacks (hello street food!), and some lunches and dinners are included. We support local cuisine and the variety of culinary experiences available throughout the country. 

Transport: All transport is included throughout the trip, including airport pick up and drop-off. We focus on local (but safe and efficient) transport, which means catching cross-city busses, using the metro, and registered taxis when needed. 

Experiences- All main experiences are included. However, there are extra add-ons during leisure time for your enjoyment. If there is something you would like to do that’s NOT on the list, feel free to let us know and we’ll figure something out!

Guides- You will always have a person 24/7 with you every day and also local guides for many of the experiences. 

Daily Spanish Lessons- Every morning, we have beginner Spanish lessons available to you. 

Professional Photographer– We’re here to capture those moments you want to share on all your social media pages.

Not Included 

Flights to Mexico-If you need help booking one, though, please let us know.

Alcohol-Sorry, we’re not an all-inclusive resort vacation.

Tips-We encourage people traveling with us to tip 15-20% for most services to support the local community.

Travel Insurance-You MUST supply your own travel insurance. If you’re stuck, we can help!

Secret Mexico

Mexico City-Cholula-Oaxaca-Mexico City
Number of spots available: 3
Days: 8
Dates: February 2-9, February 12-19, April 12-19, April 22-29

Investment: Single $1800 CAD, Double $1500 CAD all taxes included, deposit $500 2 months prior to trip


Day 1-Arrive in Mexico City.

Day 2-Rise and shine! We’ll eat our breakfast together and then have a short Spanish class before heading out. Our first stop is Chapultapec Castle, where we’ll take in some breathtaking views of the city and enjoy a quiet morning. After that, it’s off to stroll through the beautiful gardens surrounding the area and then onto Mexico’s famed museum of anthropology where you’ll have the chance to browse the exhibits.
By now, you’ll probably be hungry, so we’ll hit one of the secret spots in Mexico’s Zocalo for some of the best tortas you’ll ever have followed by a walking tour of the area. Before we head back to our hotel, we’ll hit one more iconic Mexican food stop, El Moro, for fresh Churros and chocolate.
The rest of the evening will be yours to rest and relax.

Day 3-Enjoy an early breakfast and Spanish class before we depart for Cholula, one of Mexico’s cutest towns. Upon arriving at our hotel, we’ll take an hour rest and then head out for a group lunch before heading on a bus tour of the area, and it’s surroundings. We’ll end the day by climbing to the cathedral on top of the hill to enjoy some of the spectacular views. The rest of the night will be yours to rest and relax.

Day 4-Enjoy a relaxing morning and then join us for a group breakfast and then a Spanish class. After that, we’ll be heading to Oaxaca. Arrive in Oaxaca and rest and relax for a bit before heading to the Zocalo to explore the enjoyable nightlife of the city. Join us for a group dinner and then have the rest of the evening to rest and relax.

Day 5-Buenos dias! Join us for a light breakfast and Spanish lesson before we head to Monte Alban to hike the ruins in the area. After that, we’ll head back to Oaxaca and enjoy a lunch together. After that, the rest of the day is yours to enjoy and do what you would like.

Day 6-Today will be one of relaxation. Enjoy a leisurely group breakfast, followed by a Spanish class. After that, we’ll be going on a walking tour of Oaxaca and hitting some of the city’s most famous spots, the food markets, and the museums. We’ll stop for a quick lunch, and then the rest of the day is yours to do what you would like to.

Day 7-Depart early to Mexico City. We’ll grab a quick breakfast and then hit the road to get back early. Once we arrive, we’ll have a quiet afternoon free to do anything you want and then have a Spanish class, followed by a group dinner.

Day 8-Your incredible journey ends here. Have your last Spanish lesson and breakfast with then group and then continue with your plans. If you’re staying longer, let us know so we can provide you with suggestions on what to do and see. If you’re not staying, we’ll arrange a drop-off for you at the airport 3 hours before your flight.

Historical Mexico

Mexico City-San Miguel De Allende-Guanajuato-Mexico City
Number of spots available: 3
Days: 8
Dates: February 22-29, April 5-12

Investment: Single $1800 CAD, Double $1500 CAD all taxes included, deposit $500 2 months prior to trip


Day 1-Arrive in Mexico City. You will be greeted at the airport and taken to your hotel to rest and relax. After, join us for a welcome dinner and a history lesson about this incredible city. We’ll also be offering the first Spanish lesson as well for those interested.

Day 2-Rise and shine for your early morning Spanish lesson and then breakfast! After that, we’ll be departing to Palacio de Bellas Artes to visit, and then we’ll head to one of our favorite snack paces in Mexico, El Moro, for fresh churros and hot chocolate. Save room, though, because, after that, we’ll be heading to our favorite hole in the wall torta shop and continue with a walking tour of Mexico’s historic Zocalo and the museums surrounding it.
We’ll return in the afternoon for a quick rest and head out for dinner as a group, and the rest of the evening will be yours to spend it as you wish.

Day 3-Off to San Miguel De Allende. We’ll be departing early and will be traveling for around 5 hours on the bus, so bring a book and relax. After checking into your hotel room in San Miguel, we’ll head for lunch and then a walking tour of this beautiful city. The rest of the day is yours to explore, but we’ll still be offering our Spanish lesson that day back at the hotel.

Day 4-Enjoy your morning in San Miguel De Allende and then were off to Guanajuato, Mexico’s famed colourful town. Upon arrival, we’ll be having lunch and then will take a trip to the famous mummy museum. Have a rest, and then we’ll all be heading out for dinner as a group and joining a night singing tour.

Day 5-Your day starts bright and early with a Spanish class and the breakfast as a group. After that, we’ll be doing a walking tour of the city and exploring the colourful alleyways and areas. The rest of the day is yours to explore, enjoy some of the beautiful museums, and relax.

Day 6-Back to Mexico City. We’ll be catching an early bus after breakfast and then head back to the capital. Upon arrival, we’ll check into our hotel and then head to the famous Museo de Sumeyo. After that, we’ll head out for our last dinner together and have our final Spanish lesson.

Day 7-Today is our day of museums! We’ll start the day with a delicious traditional breakfast and practice our Spanish and then make our way over to Chapultapec park. Our first stop is the incredible Chapultapec castle, where we’ll explore and see some beautiful views of Mexico City. After that, we’ll head to the Museum of Anthropology, one of Mexico’s most incredible museums. After a morning of site seeing, we’ll head to lunch as a group, and the rest of the day is yours to explore and enjoy.

Day 8-Your adventure has come to an end, but if you want to do more, please let us know! We’ll have one final breakfast together and practice our new Spanish words, and then we’ll say goodbye to you as we drop you off at the airport.

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